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A Fast-Track to Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

EQ Weight Loss Plan

What is the EQ Weight Loss Plan?

What do you get?

  • 14 ten minute daily workout videos so you can to train alongside Claire and Jon Wray
  • Preparation instructions to get you focused and organised for the 14 day plan
  • Daily eating plans giving you step by step guidance on exactly what to eat and when
  • Daily communications to keep you motivated
  • Online coaching support from two of the most highly respected and experienced trainers in the industry
  • Access to fat loss facts, recipes and more
  • Re-set facility to restart the plan if necessary.

Join the EQ Plan

Suzi's Verdict

No calorie counting - no portion control

So how about an approach that gives you maximum fat melt down but adds tone and shape to your body? How about doing this in the privacy of your own home with easy to follow daily 10 minute workouts?

It sounds unbelievable but as trainers with 40 years combined experience, we’ve worked with thousands of clients and researched the very latest science on rapid weight loss to come up with a FAST weight loss and exercise plan that’s safe, healthy and easy to follow.

Not only will you melt away the pounds, you’ll be toning and strengthening your body.

There is NO CALORIE COUNTING or PORTION CONTROL! Instead you’ll be controlling your hormonal response to signal your body to use up those fat stores and you can do all this at home - no expensive gym memberships or people watching you.

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Christian's Verdict

How much weight will you lose?

Well most people on our 14 day plan lose between 7 and 14 pounds and 3 to 7 inches off their waist, not to mention further inches off thighs, hips and bingo wings in just 2 weeks!

You’ll be working out with us for just 10 minutes a day strengthening your body and increasing your metabolism. We will give you daily structured food plans consisting of wholesome, healthy, everyday ingredients. You won’t feel like you’re on a diet and all of the meals can be easily adapted for the rest of the family.

Join the EQ Plan

Please note the EQ Weight Loss Plan is not suitable:
during pregnancy, if you suffer from diabetes, if you have a heart condition or history of any heart condition, if you take anti depressant medication, if you have back or joint injuries or if you follow a vegan lifestyle.

The EQ Plan Ratings Key

All EQ Plan video workouts and classes carry a dumbbell rating to indicate difficulty - one dumbbell being the easiest and five dumbbells the hardest.


Quite easy

Some effort


Very hard

Important Stuff! Before You Start

1. You should always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program, particularly if you have a chronic or recurring condition, if you're pregnant, ill or elderly. This is really important. We want you to have a positive experience and wouldn’t want any medical issues preventing that.

2. You should always warm up for 3 to 5 minutes before taking exercise. Again, this is really important. You will find a warm-up video on this page which will do the trick!

3. You must be at least 18 years of age to use The EQ Plan and agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

4. The nature of The EQ Plan means that Claire and Jon can't physically be with you as you work with the videos on the site. As a consequence, we can’t accept liability for any injuries or loss resulting from you using the EQ Plan.